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  • One option is to store your data in a bitmap. Each color corresponds to a terrain type. Then read the pixel color using imagecolorat(). That way you can quickly fill in large areas of the map with a paintbrush.

    For instance, yellow = desert. Grab a random image from the Desert folder. If you want to map specific images to specific tiles, color…[Read more]

  • I have everything coded for the explore images except the part that loads the map data, as I still need a good format to store the map. There’s three main possibilities I can think of at this point: A binary bitmap-like file storing an array of terrain ids, A csv file storing an array of terrain ids, or storing the terrain ids in the database with…[Read more]

  • Yea, I would love to have an inventory. That would be cool.

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    Woa, no spam filter? What if I was a spam bot?

    • Anyway, thanks for making me feel welcome.

    • Only a captcha, yeah. So far only a little spam. Most spam bots that target wordpress would get defeated by the BuddyPress/BBPress install I have. There are certainly bots that can handle that, but so far they haven’t found this place yet. I may install a different CAPTCHA or other anti-spam measure in the future if bots become a problem.

  • I am thinking the easiest way to do this is add a Parent field to the Worlds table. Then a simple teleport mod can be made to transfer the user to the sub-world based on user location. For towns and such, the world size would be fairly small. Then tie town events to location.

    Is that in line with what you were thinking? The key would be detailed…[Read more]

  • I like this. I think navigating should occur entirely within the central panel. The left-bar would still show the realm map and coordinates. The center panel would display a sub-map and coordinates. Preferrably the map would be large and detailed.

    There would need to be a check to disable realm navigation if the user is in a sub-area, though.

  • I am thinking, for this, storing it in the DB, but instead of entering each coordinate individually, enter in the starting coord and then a width and height. Then just check if the user is within that area.

  • Good stuff.

    I’ll respond in detail Tuesday. I have a pretty full weekend.

  • After objects are working, NPCs could be implemented on top of the object system, since objects would be able to define what happens when the player interacts with them. Initially NPCs would do nothing, but they could later be integrated with the inventory and quest systems.

    Another thing to take into considering with respect to areas is monster…[Read more]

  • After the map and area systems are done, the next step would probably be to implement objects, where objects are anything that exist on a tile in the world, like an NPC, obstacle, or treasure chest. Objects would exist in a table similar to gateways, with the area, latitude, longitude, plus fields such as the image to use, and whatever is needed…[Read more]

  • Second thing would probably be to make enter-able areas. Any given town, building, dungeon, or whatever other area would be stored in an areas table in the db, where each area has its own map (grid of terrain types) and a realm that its in. Each area would have its own latitude and longitude system. To get between areas, there would be a table of…[Read more]

  • The first thing I’d like to do is make the explore screen display the terrain of the area around the player. The only question is whether to store the map data in a file per realm (with the terrain types in a grid) or in a db table like (realm, latitude, longitude, terrain), with a row for each tile.

  • I brainstormed a list of things that might be worth adding. I realize that it would probably be overly ambitious to try to do them all, and they’re probably not all good ideas anyway. I would be willing to a lot of the coding necessary.

    General inventory system (Different types of items like weapons, potions, quest items, monster drops that can…[Read more]

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    AAAAAAAHHH! FUCK! I was working in the File Manager, going to change the way the Babble Box works, when my 18month-old son drove his car accross the edge of my keyboard and managed to hit the DELETE and ENTER key before I could stop him. Escape has now been deleted!


    I have a backup of the files, but it doesn’t include anything changed…[Read more]

  • Use the files in this post instead. The previous ones had an off-by-one error that prevented the latest babble from appearing in the archive.

  • The diff file is attached to this post with the extension renamed to .txt because the forum software is being stupid.

  • I created an archive for the babblebox to view past babbles. Note that it will only show old babbles from at least when it’s installed since it removes the code that deletes old babbles from the database.

    Both a zip file containing the changed files and a diff file are attached (hopefully).

  • Would there be any interest in creating a general inventory system? Items from the shop and item drops would go into it, from where they could be equipped. It would also hold items that aren’t weapons or armor, like healing/mana potions and quest items.

    If so, I’ll probably brainstorm some implementation details here.

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    Trying again

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